Security and Safety Guidelines


Last Updated: 23 August 2018


Acclyptic provides a personalised subscription service that allows our members to generate quotes, roster work and send invoices over the Internet.

By using any Acclyptic’s service you agree to comply with the terms of our acceptable use policy.

This Safety and Security Guideline ("Guideline") sets out the rules which apply to use of our Acclyptic Operations services, including your responsibilities, and permitted and prohibited uses of those services.

This Policy applies to all members who access Acclyptic services from us. Your obligation to comply with this Policy includes your obligation to ensure any person who you allow to use your member subscription, such as staff and contractors, also complies with this Policy.

Your failure to comply with this Policy (including by any person who you allow to use your member subscription) may lead to the suspension or termination of your subscription or may affect the outcome of  transaction investigations.



A password will be automatically generated for you when you create your user accounts. You can change your password at any time in the staff control panel.

A password should not:-

a.        Be based a single word or number;

b.        Be based on any personal information such as :-

                                                               i.      Family name

                                                              ii.      Birthday

                                                            iii.      Anniversary

                                                             iv.      Home address

                                                              v.      Pet name etc

c.        Easy to guess

A password should :-

a.        Be at least 8 characters;

b.        Contain upper and lower characters;

c.         Have at least one numerical character;

Passwords should not be shared with anyone.  Passwords should not be shared even for the purpose of computer repair.

We recommend using a passphrase instead of a password eg “Heading to w0rk aga1n”

Do not store your password. Acclyptic does not provide the ability to store your password at the logon screen or offer “auto login” features.

Avoid using the same password over multiple accounts.

No staff member of Acclyptic will ever ask you for your password.

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