What is Acclyptic

Acclyptic provides an efficient and hassle free rostering system that sends professional quotes and invoices via sms and email for on-site and field service businesses.

Perfect for field service operators, franchisees and small businesses in areas such as Auto Window Tinting, Event Planning, Distributor, Gas Fitting and Home Health Care, Acclyptic was designed by field service professionals with a focus on getting the job done, helping you to manage aspects of the business such as :-

Explore the features that makes Acclyptic Operations the best choice to manage your field service business.

How is Acclyptic different

Acclyptic Operations was designed and built by service professionals and contractors in each of their respective fields.

Through years of field testing, feedback and development, Acclyptic addresses the needs of the onsite contractor, putting the information and tools you need to manage the job, your staff and client expectations at your fingertips.

Acclyptic Operations continues to work closely with its network of field service professionals, adding service specialties, creating new job specifications and enhancing features that you need onsite to accurately create quotes, react to changing rosters and send invoices instantly.

Should I use Acclyptic

With support for 100 service specialties and new specialties added each week, Acclyptic Operations is a perfect fit for most service based businesses that operate onsite in specialty areas such as Computer Installation & Repair, Tiling, Windscreen Repair, Plastering and Locksmith.

Acclyptic is not suited for businesses who specialise in :-

How do I use Acclyptic

Acclyptic Operations is designed from the ground up to be used onsite from your mobile phone or tablet. Each subscriber is provided with their own server where they can customise the colours, logos, setup staff logins, job types, specialties, create clients, manage their roster more.

Is Acclyptic expensive

No. For the cost of a coffee a day you can use Acclyptic and start reclaiming your time.

Can I get Acclyptic for free

Yes. After you subscribe, go to Refer a Friend and follow the prompts.

Do I need an internet connection

Yes. All of your data resides in the cloud on our secured servers.

What happens if I lose my connection

Nothing. Acclyptic Operations was designed with mobile serviceability in mind. When you return to a mobile servicable area or WiFi area, simply log back on and continue working.

Do I need to back up

No. We manage all of your back up requirements. Additionally, Acclyptic Operations has a sophisticated auditing system that can 'rewind' your activities to any point in time.

Why is there a Code of Conduct

Acclyptic Operations is designed to make communications as easy as possible, using a template system that links directly into the roster so so you can send SMS and Emails to your staff, clients and other contractors at the push of a button. The Code of Conduct ensures that everyone conducts themselves appropriately.

What happens when I go on holidays

You can extend your subscription by 1 week or 1 month. If you intend to cease using Acclyptic Operations, extend your subscription for the amount of time required and then simply allow your subscription to expire. When you return to work, log on and re-extend your subscripton.
Your subscription will remain dormant for a period of 1 year before being removed from the network.

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