Quoting jobs with Acclyptic

Designed for call-out professionals who specialise in areas such as Henna Tattoo, Retail and Cake Making, Acclyptic's quotation system provides a streamlined way of instantly generating accurate quotes and sending them to your client.

At the push of a button, send your quotes directly from your mobile via Email or SMS with no typing or manual input.

A quoting system built by site professionals

Built with design and development driven by the experience of our network of field service professionals, Acclyptic has a quotation system that is :-

Customisable Job Metrics

Acclyptic's quotation engine provides a flexible job system that allows you to tailor every component of a job type, from its invoice and quotation descriptions through to individual job metrics to 1/1000 precision.

In addition to the pre-packaged jobs such as in the Garage Door specialty, you can create up to 50 custom jobs per specialty which means you can customise the entire system specifically to how you run your business, creating jobs as broad as once-off offers for a fixed fee through to complex fencing structures requiring numerous components per lineal metre, quoted on-site with a click of button.

Instant Quoting

Designed to be used onsite and easy to use, Acclyptic's quoting system allows you to create fixed fee service quotes through to complex measured rates with the click of a button.

Service Rates

Create quotes instantly for jobs such as Mowing, where you can send a fixed fee quote or take measurements of the property and Acclyptic's quoting engine will calculate the precise cost of services.

Product Consumption

Take your quote accuracy to the next level by specifying what products are going to be used.
Whether it's for a special skin treatment, building a fence or a deluxe car wash, simply add in the products that you want to use on the job and Acclyptic's quoting engine will do the rest.

Once the property sections have been added, combine as many services as required for the job and Acclyptic's quoting engine will calculate everything for you at the click of a button.

Flexible Job Management

Create your own custom job specifications where you can set up the type of section to use, whether the job requires specific products and how to apply the calculations, all done from the roster without numerous and complicated screens.

Supporting up to 50 custom jobs per business specialty, turn jobs on or off depending on whether you need them, keeping your job screen clear of clutter so you aren't wasting time in the field.

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